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              Evangelist Gwen Nash received Christ as her Lord and Savior on February 1980 at the Calvary Church of God in Christ Cleveland, Ohio under the late Pastor Richard Brown. She married Minister Daniel Boyd Chambers in November 1981, and was married for 18 years, now a widow for 16 years with two children in this union. Evangelist Gwen Chambers recently married John L. Nash on March 26, 2016. Evangelist Nash has an Associates Degree with her Major being Business Administration, having over fifteen years of accounting experience. She has been employed by the Federal Government for over 13 years, seven years with the Department of Defense, served 3 years with the Marine Corps Colonial’s staff, as an administrative assistant for the United States Marine Corps in K-Bay Hawaii, and currently serving in Accounts Management with the Department of Veterans Affairs, for many years she has been associated with various types of Network Marketing. Evangelist Chambers has been licenses by the Church of God in Christ since 1988, in the jurisdiction of West Germany. Evangelist Nash has traveled thorough out the United States to facilitate workshops as a spiritual and motivational speaker. Evangelist Nash has been a member of Pentecostal Temple C.O.G.I.C, Las Vegas, NV with (Bishop Leon Smith) as pastor for four years. She also serves as Assistant District Missionary with District Missionary Arlesha Freeman Las Vegas District and Founder of World Outreach since 2005 and hosted a radio broadcast on KKVV 1060 AM, with an inspirational word every Sunday morning from January 2015 to December 2015. She is Saved, Sanctified and filled with God’s precious Holy Ghost. Evangelist Nash is anointed & gifted to serve, and loves God’s people and compels us to remember, if you “Start it right, God will bless it right”. Evangelist Nash has worked in various departments within the church throughout her young adult life. In the Hawaii jurisdiction she served as Women’s Advisory Board Chairperson serving (Mother Margrette Baker, Supervisor of Women) and the late Bishop Martin, presently (Bishop Jesse Wilson). In this hour it is her desire to remain God lead & God focused as He continues to position her for His divine purpose.

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